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Moving beyond stereotype-driven narratives, we delve into the studies that promote a more comprehensive, empathetic approach to engaging and empowering neurodivergent people. We'll also spotlight autistic / neurodivergent researchers, advocate for equitable policy changes, and inspire a more accepting and respectful society. Take the journey with us, as we unravel the many aspects of cognitive diversity and neurodiversity, one research paper at a time!

Welcome Eva!

“A second chance: at self-introduction” Eva's first Blog entry for DiverseMinds!

Hi! Welcome to DiverseMind's blog! I’m Eva, the newest Marketing and Communications intern. I’ll be helping Noelle Sinclair, MBA run this blog for the time being. 🙂

How was that for an intro?

Noelle Sinclair & Eva Seputra

Probably not the best is it? Well, to be honest with you all, I’ve been thinking of the perfect intro for the past hour, I don’t think that would’ve been ideal if we were face-to-face. As of now, I couldn’t show you how firm my handshake could be (which apparently shows you something about my confidence), or stare you right in the eye (because the eyes are the window to our souls, no?), and I must rely on the most fallible means of communication; words.

That being said, I wonder what if we had more chances in life, let’s say in this case, a chance to reintroduce ourselves for the second time. Will we be so caught up on first impressions, or are we able to piece together other people’s identities through every round of ‘introductions’?

Well, I guess we’ll find that out soon enough!

I was diagnosed with ADHD in November 2020. Funnily enough, everything made a lot more sense and none at the same time. I had to reintroduce myself to the girl in the mirror.

In the past 3 months, I have learnt a little more about how my brain actually works. The world calls people like me atypical or neurodivergent. But, I feel a gap; one that makes me feel like I’m an alien. This gap affects the way I view myself. In the end, I’ve completely lost my sense of identity. Some days people call me hyper, some days unfocused, some days weird… and considering ADHD is named after how ‘energetic’ and ‘distracted’ we are, there is a lot of negativity to unpack there. Let me say that I (or we - in this case) are more than that. I can’t precisely pinpoint it yet, I’m still on the journey of discovering it myself too, but what I know is that I am capable of something unique.

A young professional woman speaking with her manager at a desk in a co-working space.
Eva & Noelle discussing TAP's social media strategy

I’ve learnt that I am an excellent thinker. I wonder a lot about life, the world, and the people around me. I’m quite an empath too. Often, it does make me sound like I don’t have a proper stance or unfocused but I think that is not quite accurate. My curiosity helps me think of as many perspectives as possible. It tires me out despite how much I love it. If we were to meet face-to-face, I doubt anyone would know this about me, definitely not from my handshake or eye contact. In fact, I might not have the firmest handshake, and I might not even notice yours, but I will notice the sincerity in your voice and you’ll probably notice mine.

With that being said, I’m keen on having you (my esteemed readers) embark on this discovery with me. We’ll dive into the minds of atypical people, see if we can finally understand (i.e. match their image in their head with ours) and make this world a home for them as it is for you.

Now that I’ve introduced myself, it’s your turn!


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