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Empowering change for a brighter future!

We help society develop inclusive environments  to help ensure that all people are welcomed, respected, and valued no matter their neurotype.

A photo of Noelle Sinclair and information about her TEDx talk sponsored by City University of Hong Kong.
About us

Our purpose

To create a future in which society embraces and welcomes the value that neurodiversity brings to humankind. We believe that society can only benefit from being more open and embracing of all types of thinking styles, and we are passionate about helping the world understand, accept, and support everyone no matter their neurological differences.

What we do

Our team provides guidance to community organizations, schools, and business leaders to help them understand what neurodiversity is and the barriers that neurominorities (e.g. autistics, ADHDers, and dyslexics) face in education and employment. We help organizations create inclusive strategies that help to drive social change. Our training and education programs for leadership, managers, and staff are designed to help them understand the value of neurodiversity, the need for social change, and how to support neurodivergent employees, clients, members, and colleagues. Additionally, we collaborate with local communities and NGO’s to create better educational and employment opportunities for neurodivergent individuals.

Our difference

Because we are neurodivergent ourselves, we understand the unique challenges that neurodivergent people face on a daily basis. We combine our lived experience with our expertise in the fields of corporate management, neuroscience, psychology, and education to create comprehensive strategies and training that drive social change and improve inclusion for everyone. 

Our services


Partners & Clients


  • Herbert Smith Freehills

  • Standard Chartered Bank

  • Christie's Hong Kong

  • Société Générale

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