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What's new with us and the world of neurodiversity? 

We're now a NiB community partner!

TAP is delighted to announce that we have joined NiB (Neurodiversity in Business) as a community partner. We look forward to supporting NiB and our fellow members in fostering neuro-inclusive workplaces and improving the working lives of neurodivergent people.

What is NiB?

It's an industry forum that supports the participation of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace.

Why is it important?

Neurodiversity is valuable to business, but many barriers and obstacles still remain for neurodivergent workers and the companies that would like to hire them.

NiB aims to address these obstacles by empowering and supporting neurodivergent people and their careers, helping companies get the info and guidance they need for building neuro-inclusive workplaces, and raising neurotypical awareness about their neurodivergent colleagues.

Where can you learn more?

Learn more about NiB and how your company can become a member by visiting:

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